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Below you’ll find answers to some commonly asked questions.

If you have any additional questions you don’t find answers to here, please feel free to contact our Corporates Offices at (877) Mr-Linen / (877) 675-4636.

Placing and Managing an Order

How do I contact Connie Duglin Linen?

You may contact us by phone at (877) Mr-Linen (877) 675-4636, our website under info & locations or by email at Our team is available weekdays from 9AM until 5PM EST. Please place large orders well in advance. We will do our best to accommodate last minute orders.

How do I place an order?

Please submit your order request by phone, on our website, or email If you need help selecting linens, Account Executives and Customer Service Representatives are available to assist customers from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST Monday through Friday and can be reached at (877) Mr Linen / (877) 675-4636. Please allow a minimum of one business day for your order to be processed, and understand that there may be a delay if we need to confirm inventory availability. To avoid expedited shipping charges, we recommend you place your order at least two weeks in advance of the date you’d like to receive delivery.

What if I need to change my order?

Not a Problem! Additions, reductions or cancellation to an order may be made at any time before the shipping date but additional charges may apply if expedited shipping is required. Reductions or cancellations must be made before deadline listed on your contract or your deposit becomes non-refundable.

How do I receive a quote?

Once we collect information about your event (date, time, location and venue details as well as table sizes, quantities and fabrics selected) we will work up an order for you to review. To confirm an order, clients must sign the contract and make a 50% deposit. Orders are not considered confirmed and will not be held without signed contract, credit card authorization form and deposit.

Can I pick up my order?

Orders can be picked up at any of our 4 showrooms. Administrative charges will apply to orders picked up at showroom locations.

What if my order involves custom items?

Due to our ordering process and inventory changes to special order items will be subject to approval based on when we purchase the items for your event. This includes changes to size, color, or fabric as well as large changes in quantity.  Therefore, to assure your product can be made for your event, we require payment in full on these items when placing the order, even if the event date is weeks or months away. At that time the fabric will be purchased and held for you. No refunds or changes can be made to custom orders once payment. We encourage 6-8 weeks notice.

How do I get a hold of someone if I have an after-hours emergency?

Call 813-787-7324 for new orders, questions regarding payment or future events; please call during business hours to connect with customer service.

Will I receive an order confirmation?

Yes, once your order request is processed and confirmed we will email you an order confirmation. Please read and review the order confirmation carefully, and let us know if you need any changes to the order, or if anything is in error.

What if I have a last minute event?

We can ship same-day orders, pending linen availability. We ask for final counts and confirmation by 12pm EST. additional charges may apply if expedited shipping is required.

Delivery Process

When can I expect to receive my order?

We aim to have orders delivered two business days prior to your event. Orders which require expedited shipping may have a different timeline on your contract.

How will my order be delivered to me?

Most orders will arrive via FedEx ground service and/or by Connie Duglin owned truck. Other delivery options are available for special circumstances such as last minute orders. Please make sure your Ship To location can accept deliveries.

What if there is a delay in receiving my order?

You will receive a tracking number for your order. To obtain delivery status or any other additional information regarding the delivery of your order, you must contact FedEx at 1-800-GO-FEDEX (1-800-463-3339). Please note that Connie Duglin Linen is not responsible for any delays or mishandling caused by FedEx that might prevent the timely arrival of orders. Or call (877) 675-4636 for more information.

Can you describe the shipping and return process?

SHIPPING: Once your order departs our warehouse you will receive an email that includes your Fedex tracking number.

Your linens will arrive in white Connie Duglin Linen boxes. All returning orders include black duffle bags with return labels attached. If you lose your label(s), simply contact us at (877) Mr Linen or (877)-675-4636 to email a new one.

RETURNS: Bagged Linens will be picked up by Fedex on the next business day after the event. The pick up date will be listed on your contract. No need for you to schedule a pick up we scheduled it for you.


Why should I create an account on your website?

By creating an account through our website, you get access to exclusive, helpful features including the ability to:

  • Create and save multiple carts. This feature is great if you are considering multiple different options for your event or for when you need to work on more than one event at a time. Just remember, carts don’t reserve your items – you need to check out to do that.
  • Share carts & orders. You can email carts or orders to anyone you want to share them with. This can be helpful when you want a team member or client to review the items and provide feedback. Select the “Share” option to tell us who you want to share with, and we’ll send them a link to a read-only view of the cart or order.
  • Manage your account in one convenient place. You can get price lists, pay for your orders online, manage your email subscriptions, and more, whenever and wherever you’d like.

How do I create an account on your website?

Click or tap on the Log in/Register link at the top right-hand corner of the page.

I created an account. What’s next?

You’re all set! You should get an email to confirm your account creation shortly after submission. Please be sure to take a few minutes to complete your profile, found under Profile in My Account.

Can I change my password?

You can change your password any time you want. Log into My Account and go to Profile. You can change your password there.

I'm having trouble logging into my account. What should I do?

First try using the Forgot Your Password? Functionality. If that doesn’t solve your problem please email us at or by phone at (877) Mr Linen (877) 675-4636.

We received amazing photos from our event – can we share them with you?

YES! YES! Did we say YES? If you have professional photos of your event showcasing our linens, please include all vendors involved and email to

Payments & Policies

Do you provide set-up and take down?

CDL provides services in most metropolitan areas of the US. Our experienced staff strives for perfection with every set-up, meticulously making every chair cover, tablecloth and sash look picture perfect. Our team can also pack and pick up items at the end of the event, taking care of the return for you. Fees for CDL set up services will be provided prior to the event. Contact customer service or your account executive for price quotes and additional information.

What are your payment terms?

A 50% deposit is required at the time of reservation and all balances must be paid in full five (5) business days prior to your order leaving our warehouse. All orders require a valid credit card authorization on file. All new customer payment terms are on the “Pay In Advance” basis which means the order must be prepaid via credit card, cash, company check, or personal check (must be received 2 week prior to the order shipping). If your business needs net terms, Credit applications are available upon request. Any check that returns to Connie Duglin Linen as Nonsufficient Funds will be assessed a $30 NSF fee along with the balance of the order. All outstanding balances are due prior to the next shipment… Please remit to Connie Duglin Linen, PO Box 271983, Tampa FL 33688.

Can I download a Credit Card Authorization form?

Yes, here is the Credit Card Authorization form.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations may be made before the deadline date listed on your contract. Cancellations of custom items are non-refundable. Non-custom orders may be cancelled up to 2 business days prior to your order leaving our warehouse. Cancellations taking place less than 2 business days prior to the shipping or delivery date will be charged a 25% restocking fee.

Is there a minimum order?

There is a fee for $100.00 or less ordered.

What types of payment can I use?

We accept credit cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover). To pay by check please contact (877) Mr Linen (877) 675-4636 to apply for credit terms, email us at for more information.

What are your shipping costs?

All outbound and inbound shipping cost will be charged on the invoice. We can accommodate last minute orders with FedEx overnight shipping. All orders are shipped so they are received 24 – 48 hours prior to the event date, unless otherwise stated.

We have standard delivery/pick up charges that apply to all orders – in the Tampa area.

All other delivery charges vary by location, weight and type of service. We normally ship via ground service with FedEx, but can use expedited service or alternative carriers if necessary to meet your needs.

Orders that require more complex delivery/pick up arrangements or arrangements outside our standard business day may incur additional charges. Please contact Customer Service at (877) Mr Linen (877) 675-4636  for more information.

How long can I keep the linens?

Our standard rental period is up to three days. Please note that if your linens not returned on the scheduled pick-up date, your order will be assessed a fee.

If you need to keep the linens for longer, please let us know call (877) Mr Linen / (877) 675-4636 or ( and we can check availability to extend the rental for an additional rental fee.  For any items that are out of our inventory for an extended period of time, you will be charged an extended rental fee.

Do I have to pay for linens that I don’t use?

Yes, you are responsible in full for rental fees of items that have left our warehouse, as they are out of our inventory and unavailable for other clients to rent. We are happy to make any final changes to your order prior to 2 business days before it leaves our warehouse, so that your order is appropriate for your final guest count.

Return Process/Damages

How do I go about returning my order?

Place all linens free of food, floral and miscellaneous debris in the Connie Duglin Linen BLACK BAGS provided with the pre-paid return labels on the outer plastic pouch of each bag. Please note that Connie Duglin will schedule a FedEx pick-up for you, but it is your responsibility to make sure FedEx has access to pick up your order on the “Pick up Date” stipulated on your contract.

How do I pack my order for return?

Linen is simply placed in the return duffel bags sent with your order. Just be sure it is free of food, floral, or miscellaneous debris. If linens are wet, please air-dry before bagging. This will help to avoid mildew damage. If extra time is needed to dry out damp linens, please contact us immediately at (877) Mr Linen (877) 675-4636.

What if I received damaged/stained linens?

In the event that you receive any damaged and/or stained linen, please contact us at (877) Mr. Linen (877) 675-4636 or your Account Executive prior to the event. Once the event takes place, reimbursements will not be approved.

What do I do if I need and extra FedEx label or extra return bags?

If for any reason you use a return label other than the one that Connie Duglin Linen provided, or have lost our duffle bag, you must call the Connie Duglin Linen office at (877) Mr Linen (877) 675-4636. We will ship out to you replacement duffle bags and email you another Fedex label.

What happens if my order is not returned on time?

You may be subject to an extended rental fee. If there are any delays in returning orders, you must contact the Connie Duglin Linen office at (877) Mr Linen (877) 675-4636.

Can I ship different orders in the same return package?

We prefer returns use the prepaid return label issued to a specific contract, but if necessary, it is acceptable to combine different orders. Please send an email to with your Event Id# and Date of event.

Should I launder the linens myself?

We ask that you not launder your linens under any circumstances. We have a special laundering process for each type of fabric we carry, and many of them are too delicate for standard washing. Cleaning is included in the rental fee, so please leave that to us.

What constitutes a damaged item?

An item is considered damaged if it is beyond the point of repair or laundering. It is rare, but we do have to charge a replacement fee if a linen is returned in an unrepairable condition. The most common damages are wax stains, tears or cuts, burns, permanent marker, excessive soil and mildew. Normal food and wine stains are not considered damages.

Fabric Samples

Can I get a full linen sample?

Full-sized sample linen may be ordered at the usual rental rates. Swatch samples of most every linen are available upon request at no cost to our customers. Ask your account executive about swatch binders that are available for a low cost with free life time updates. Full size linen samples are available upon request simply phone, e-mail, or fax your design specialist at your local division. Full size linen samples are subject only to shipping fees; if you are serviced by a local division samples are delivered at no cost. Customer agrees to return the linen sample after seven days from receipt otherwise the late return policy will apply.

Can I get fabric swatches?

You may order complimentary fabric swatches through our team in person, by phone, email or chat, and online. Swatches are free of charge and are sent via USPS; if you need swatches expedited, shipping fees will apply.

Anything Else?

Please call (877) Mr Linen (877) 675-4636 we will be happy to help.  

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